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Chris Baddiley

Alexanders shed observatory

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In retirement and moving and renovating a house in the  Malvern Hills AONB a  few years ago. I got a roll off roof Observatory, built by Alexander's shed observatories, with motor controlled roof.  It is well equipped with two large computer-controlled telescopes  RCOS and Mead, separate control room, all sky camera and continuous sky monitoring SQM. 

Just recently, with all the rain, water has splashed from the concrete plinth and soaked into the floorboards through the walls. The floor has collapsed between the joists. I've had a builder look at it and until we can raise the floor remaining, We don't know the state of the joists. It is only a few years old.  

I can't very find any sign of Alexander's shed observatories contact address on the Internet. I'm not sure whether to claim on insurance and lose my no claims bonus, have discussed this with the house insurance company. In retirement, my money is very limited.  The cost of chiselling out the floor, which appears to be sandwiched under the shed walls, and replacing the floor and waterproofing will be considerable. Any advice or help would be welcome.

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Ford Prefect    42

I've just had a similar problem with my alexanders observatory, I did remove the damp bits of the floor and then just laid 18mm marine plywood directy over the old floor.

cheers Jon 

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Had a similar problem in 2009 (Not Alexanders) Removed the floor boards.Treated all exposed wood with WET ROT. Put a concrete floor in. Put rubber matting on the concrete floor. Total repair cost at that time £120 There has been no further problems. I sold that house 4 years ago and the present owner uses it as a garden shed....Dave

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westmarch    204

Hi Chris,

welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your damp problem - the fact that they have gone out of business maybe says it all.  I would personally use the insurance if the cost is going to be considerable - that is what is for. If, like me, you have been with the same policy for a number of years, you may find that you are overpaying on your premiums anyway.


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