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PHD2 Automatic Dither


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About a year ago I gave up taking Darks and instead Dithered and used Bias as Darks, when imaging with a Canon DSLR

I didn't find a way to automatically Dither so I had to use the Dither button in PHD2 "Manual Move" at the end of each exposure

Recently I discovered PHDmax Dither software. It has been discussed here on SGL, but only in connection with the Sony a7s, so I hadn't spotted it

It detects the arrival of a new image file in your save directory, and commands PHD2 to Dither 

XP, Vista, W7 (32bit and 64bit)
Frameworks .NET 4
PHD Guiding 2

1)  Run PDHGuiding 2
2) Tick  "Tools / Enable Server"
3) Run PHDMax 
4) Select the number of pixels to dither. I select 4 pixels, which dithers the imaging DSLR 12 pixels with my ratio of guidecam to imagecam scale

EDIT: I measured the star-shift between consecutive frames on last night's session and found the Dither to be about 17 to 20 pixels, so I'm going to dial back to 3 pixels in the settings.

5) Enter the path to the folder you save your images in, in my case " E:\ Canon "
6) Click on "Connect" and "Status" should display "Guiding"

7) Imaging  will resume after each Dither after the delay time you have set in your Long Exposure Sequence software (Canon Utilities etc)

I don't know what "Timer" is for, I don't use it, and I guess "Remote Sony" is for Sony cameras


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