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Arc minute

Eq6 ra axis worm gear carrier bearings

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Hi all


I'm currently in process of maintaining my eq6 mount and noticed that my ra axis worm gear carrier roller bearing(s) have a  bind to them when turning the motor gear. There is a definite stop when turning the gear slowly. It seems that both of the roller bearings at the end of the worm carrier rod  would need replacing (see pic below, of the  bearings that I mean). 

Have others noticed same thing? Does anyone know the item/skf number for these bearings so I could search for replacements from local shops?


Btw the worm gear in both dec and ra axis were covered with huge amount of very sticky black grease and it has been a pain to clean this off. It sticks and stains everything, there are black stains all over the place ?


Thanks for the help!


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Hi if you remove bearings you will more than likely find a number,if not just take bearings into the local bearing supplier and they will be able to match a suitable replacement,offering a number of qualities,



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1 hour ago, Arc minute said:

item/skf number for these bearings

Hi. 608rs These are the ones. Any skateboard shop will have them. HTH.

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Tried a search of the site but nothing has really popped up as obvious.

There is a  list of the HEQ5 bearing and Laser Jock has a post where he said he has done 2 EQ6 mounts so maybe he has a list of all bearing specifications secreted away on his PC somewhere.

If you search SGL try "EQ6 bearing" that one seems to result in a selection that are applicable but a definitive list would be useful.

There likely is one running around here, just locating it is not simple.

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13 minutes ago, alacant said:

Hi. 608rs These are the ones. Any skateboard shop will have them. HTH.

Brilliant, thanks!!  I'll go and visit bearing shop tomorrow and also grap some nose pliers on the way too. 

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I would suggest buying angular contact bearings if you can find them in the same size. They are better for this job than standard radial bearings and will have a longer life span. 

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