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Interesting when looking on the link you posted to.... I see that you used different length subs for Red (300s), Green (350s) and Blue (400s) - Can I ask your reasoning behind that?

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    • By ejdavis
      I have a remote telescope set up in Spain.  It has an Atik EFW3  7 position filter wheel. I use Seqeunce Generator Pro to control the set up.
      I was advised by the owner of the remote site that he uses a Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox v2 which considerably simplified the cabling. So, I decided buy one also.
      It was installed a few days ago.
       However we have been having significant problems with the filter wheel. Before the Powerbox was installed, the filter wheel had performed flawlessly for over a year.
      The problems are:- 
      The filter wheel, on start up, often does not move when commanded to do so in SGP. It sometimes says "Moving" in SGP but then stays at the Luminance filter which is in Position 1 on the filter wheel. If I close both SGP and disconnect the Powerbox and start again, it then sometimes (but not always) starts to accept instructions to move correctly for filters 1 to 5.
      However, even when it is moving the filters correctly, filters 6 and 7 are inaccessible. It acts like they are not there at all.
      The site owner has checked the cables and they are properly installed.
      Can you please offer  any advice on how to proceed? I do like the Powerbox concept and hope I can continue to use it.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By Stargazer33
      At long last I am starting my new power distribution box build. My wife is away on holiday with her sister, so I can leave things lying on the dining table whilst I get on with the build!
      I decided to make a new distribution box a little while ago as the PSU in the old one (build thread here) failed during a solar imaging session. I had to replace the PSU with a much lower spec one I had lying around just to use my equipment. Also because of the design, I had lots of cables dangling from the power box, which sits on the patio table, across to the mount and scope - not very convenient/safe.

      I will be using the fuse holders, switches, LEDs and phono sockets & LED voltage controllers from the old build, but using GX12 aircraft sockets (different pin configurations for different voltages) instead of the old 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Jack sockets. Main power (13.8V dc from nevada linear PSU) will enter the power box through a Neutrix SpeakON connector.
      The box I have chosen is a black ABS box: 220mm x 150mm x 64mm and will sit on the mount using the polar scope cap as a fixing point. The cables will then feed the mount, DSLR, anti-dew heater tapes, focus motors (main and guide) and a StarTech 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub, which will in turn link to the main & guide cameras and back to the laptop.
      Each device will be powered through a Voltage Step Down Buck from the supply 13.8V DC except for the mount, which will have the full supply voltage.
      As before, I have designed the box layout in CoralDraw 8 as I am running XP and sketchup isn't compatible with such an old OS!
      Here is the planned layout:

      The RJ11 and RJ45 sockets are for my focus motor hand controller which will be modified also. The power and control will be taken out of the handset and will be moved to the new power box. A Cat 6 network cable will then take the power to the handset and the button signals back to the controller in the power box. This will then link out to the focus motors via an RJ11 lead. To keep things simple I am just using one signal out cable and will swap it between the guide scope and main scope focus motors.
      Parts List (so far!):
      Neutrix SpeakON Plug/Socket: Neutrik-NL4FX-4-Pole-Female-Loud-Speaker-Professional-Speakon-Connector                                                                                                                                                                Neutrik-NL4MP-ST-Screw-Type-Male-4-Pole-Speakon-Chassis-Panel-Mount
      5A DCDC Voltage Step Down Buck: XL4015-5A-DC-DC-Voltage-Step-Down-Buck-Converter
      Aircraft Plug/Socket - (2, 3, 4 & 5 pin variants): GX12-2-2-Pin-Plug-and-Socket-12mm-Screw-Type-Panel-Connector-Aviation
      RJ45 Keystone Socket: socket-cat6-utp-keystone-panel
      RJ11 Keystone Socket: rj11-rj12-6p6c-panel-mnt-keystone
      More to follow as I progress - hopefully tomorrow.
    • By Adreneline
      Two clear nights running to try out my new Samyang 135mm with the 428ex.
      This is 24x300s processed in PI: DBEx2, MaskedStretch, HDRM + LHE.

      I know this combination produces significant undersampling but that aside I am very pleased with the widefield capability now available with the 428ex.
      Thank you for looking.
    • By Adreneline
      Sometimes the weather gods look on you kindly. A nice new Samyang 135mm turned up from that well known jungle supplier, I managed to assemble it to my Atik 428ex mono along with an Ha filter and got the spacing correct, and low and behold the skies stayed clear - all on the same day!
      I am sure there is room for improvement with the processing but this is IC1396 processed in PI; STF applied with HT, and a little HDRM + LHE to try to tease out some detail.
      Any help on improving the processing would be gratefully received - I really don't feel I get the best out of processing mono images.

      By the way this is 12x300s + 10x600s combined with HDR process in PI; flats, no darks and a master bias.
      Thank you for looking.
    • By Aggelos Kechagias
      A tough deepsky object especially if you are using a small refractor like SW ed 80. Anyway it seems that this small semiapo telescope can do more things than we think it can.
      Hope you like it.
      Location : Mt Parnon & Athens-Keratea (Pegasus Observatory 2.5)
      Constellation : Pisces
      Telescope : Skywatcher ed80 f/7.5
      CCD : Atik 428ex
      Temperature of ccd : -10  celcius
      Mount : Eq6
      Guided with : Ts oag
      Focal Reducer/Flattener : No
      Image scale : 1.56 arcsec / pixel
      Field of view: 50.25 ''x 37.77 ''
      Filters : 2" Baader
      Filter Wheel : Starlight Express
      Focusing with Pegasus Astro Dual Motor Focus Controller
      Sub-exposures :
      Lum 42 x 600sec
      Red 38 x 300sec
      Green 20 x 300sec
      Blue 15 x 300sec
      Calibration frames : Bias,Flats,Darks
      Stacking with median combine Maxim DL
      Capture : Nebulosity 3,Maxim DL
      Process : Photoshop CS6
      Tracking : Eqmod

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