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Where to purchase reliable Quality USB leads

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Before I go and Purchase some new USB Leads  does anybody have any recommendations where to buy Reliable and quality USB leads.  As i had 2 USB cables go faulty on me last night for both cameras which wasted a rare and lovely clear night's imaging session.:mad:

And i  do not want to have keep redoing the wire harness so stressing the other leads e.c.t. 

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Goto the BT Shop, they keep a full range of Startech at very competitive prices, link here:https://www.shop.bt.com/brands/startech-com-681   i have used them for ages never any problems, also for Lindy cables link here:https://www.lindy.co.uk/  again used often no problems and good prices,both brands of cable are very good quality.



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25 minutes ago, steppenwolf said:

I have A couple of leads and the 7 port USB 2.0  From Lindy direct so it seems that i am on the right track. As the faulty leads were as supplied with the equipment( camera) mentioning no names

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Just to finish off this thread i have now purchased direct from Lindy a spare set of USB leads, and made up power leads.

i even have a spare cat5 cable running to the house  now after now running all the usb of the star-tech HUB how about that for redundancy. 

So the moral of this story is beware of inferior cables as they will let you down at most inopportune moment.   

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