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PlateSolve2 frontend program

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han59    45
Posted (edited)


PlateSolve2 is a good plate solver  but can’t write the plate solution to the FITS header using standard keywords. To achieve this I made a simple FITS file viewer HNS_FV which can call the PlateSolve2 program and writes the found plate solution to the FITS file header using standard keywords.

Working of the program:

  • Load the FITS file in the viewer
  • Press the “Solve” button
  • Is the solution found press “Save” button.

In principle it should be possible to rename the program as Platesolve2 and call it instead of PlateSolve2. The solution will then be written automatically to the FITS file header. This option is not fully tested.

The plate solution is read from the APM file produced by PlateSolve2.

There is a big variation in FITS file keywords. If this very first test version (v0.0.0b1) doesn’t work, please send my the FITS file for testing. Will work on a version which can load PNG and JPG files.





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han59    45

The HNS_FV, FITS viewer program is significantly further developed. The program accepts besides all FITS types also PNG and JPG files and can provide them to Platesolve2 as FITs for plate solving. Only the approximate coordinates and dimensions needs to be provided

The viewer has a swipe function and accept color FITS.  Feedback is welcome.




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    • By han59
      After digging trough some code, I found the command line option of platesolve2 plate solver. Maybe useful for some (script) programmers:
      Command line:
      PlateSolve2.exe (Right ascension in radians),(Declination in radians),(x dimension in radians),(y dimension in radians),(Number of regions to search),(fits filename),(wait time at the end)
      De wait time is optional. The 6 of 7  parameters should be separated by a comma. The values should have a decimal point not a comma. Example:  platesolve2.exe 4.516,0.75,0.0296,0.02268,999,1.fit,0
      The plate center result [rad]  RA,DEC is reported in the first line of a text file with extension .APM
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      I'm trying to download the accompanying files for PlateSolve2, APM Catalog installer and UCAC3 catalog. I can only find them on Planewave.com. The download for these files never completes? PlateSolve2 downloaded first time. The UCAC3 file is a different size to the ones found elsewhere, must have been formatted for application use. Can someone direct me to another download location for these files.