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StarLight Live and SX Trius 694 - help!

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Hello all,

I'm hoping Paul or someone who has used Starlight Live with a Trius camera sees this and can point me in the right direction!

I've borrowed a Trius XS694 (mono) to try out.  I have it plugged in to the AC adapter, and am using the USB cord that comes with the camera to connect it to my Macbook Pro's USB port.

When I attach the SX Trius 694 it shows up in Starlight Live 3.3 (checkmark symbol) as Starlight Xpress SX694 (F/W 25.1).  I can set TEC, mono, binning, etc.

However, as soon as I try to do anything (eg. start to take darks), it pauses, then loses the camera connection.  I have to physically unplug and replug the camera to get it to show up again.

My understanding was that SL supported the SX cams... do I need to do something else (command line?) before connecting the cam? Or...?


On a related note: I'd also appreciate the proper command line syntax to view FITS files generated by the cam (assuming I eventually get that working!) 

Thanks so much in advance!

- Greg A

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I had a similar sounding problem with my SX Ultrastar on my Macbook with SLL 3.3. I discovered that I had ticked the box to save fits files for every exposure, but I had specified a save folder that didn't exist.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I took a look, and I hadn't checked that box.  But I did make sure I had a "real" folder in the save files section.

It still disconnects after trying to start an exposure.  :-(

Should it just "work"  (plug and play) or do I need to do something from the command line (I recall you mentioned having to use a different pid for your Ultrastar...?)


- Greg

PS. The camera is recognized and "works" with the SX IO 1.0.8 software, so it's probably not a hardware issue, I think....


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After some further fiddling (this is indoors, daytime, using dark frame acquisition/image acquisition), I found that the camera DOES work - but only when binned 2x2 or higher.  Every time I set the binning to 1x1, the camera connection is lost once I initiate an exposure.  This appears to be reproducible.  MacBook Pro running El Capitan, SLL 3.3.

Help Paul! :-)

- Greg

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Greg, On my Mac, I have only used command line parameters when I have had two cameras connected at once with two instances of SLL running at the same time. With only one camera connected and only one instance of SLL running, it has, as far as I recall, all just simply worked without any command line parameters. 

I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

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Hi all,

So I'm still in need of assistance with the Trius & StarlightLive combination - hopefully Paul sees this at some point and can offer suggestions or a fix.

The Trius 694 works well, binned 2x2, but still fails at 1x1.  It also has problems in the Focus Tab if exposures are set at 1s or under - just hangs and or disconnects the camera in this case.  I've been using 1.5 s to focus the camera as a result.  At any rate, if these few issues could get cleared up, I think the camera is quite viable for EAA use.  Even in my suburban skies, the results are more than acceptable, and at 2x2, exposure times do not seem excessive.  I've added a few images below taken last night, most with an Halpha filter to combat the waxing moon/urban skies (forgive compression issues - the images on screen/full size are nicer)!

Paul, if you're out there... help! :-)

- Greg













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Nice captures. Since Paul has been awol lately, you my want to post on the SX mailing list where Terry and others can help troubleshoot.

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Thanks guys.  

I've noticed Paul hasn't been around much lately, so I will look into the SX mailing list and see if anyone else can lend a hand.

How does one post on the SX mailing list?


- Greg A

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Got a chance to do some more with the camera & SLL.  Same issues.  I tried contacting Terry, who said he would get hold of Paul.... but haven't heard back since.  It's been a while.  I do hope Paul is doing OK, wherever he is these days!  Here are a few examples - definitely not optimal conditions (the light from Vancouver makes imaging to the east challenging).  No filters.  Still using 2x2 binning.  Definitely lots of moisture in the air last night, clear and calm but unsteady skies.  Was able to get some of the nebulosity around the Pleiades, which was cool.  :-)   These images are with the university 8" CPC setup; the focal reducer is not as nice as the Borg one I used on previous shots.  I think the Celestron needs some collimation, but I just never seem to have time to get around to it!









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      Enjoy the shots - these (and others not posted) were all taken over a few hours time in the early morning.  I love how much - and how quickly! - you can view with EAA!
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      I bought the SW Trius 814 kit (Trius 814, mini usb filter wheel with OAG, and Lodestar X2) and naively thought that perhaps if it was sold together it would all work together.  And maybe it does, I’m not immune to stupidity
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    • By Paul81
      Hi All,
      Starlight Light V3.1 is now available to download:
      OSX version
      Windows version
      From the change log:
      - Added 3x3 binning for progressive cameras only. 3x3 binning is not available for interlaced cameras.
      - Added display for camera firmware version to the camera properties display.
      - Modified Lanczos resampling algorithm to dampen sampling artefacts around bright objects (black halo around stars).
      - Fixed Bug: Camera stability issues under OSX - updates to the libUSB library have improved stability for OSX 10.11 'El Capitan'. The application will now not crash if the camera unexpectedly disconnects.
      - Fixed Bug: Date and time was not being stored in the FITS file when exporting to FITS.
      - Fixed Bug: Detection of non-writable directories on Windows platforms.
      - Fixed Bug: Signalling of critical or fatal application errors from non-UI threads causes a crash.
      As always have fun and clear skies!
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