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Show us your one sub images!


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Sorry for lowering the tone of this esteemed forum but I got so fed up with clouds that I processed the one sub of NGC 7000 I got the other night. 5 mins, iso 800, flats and bias applied. PS. I jogged the mount, hence the odd stars, sadly not able to use sigma clipping on one sub :iamwithstupid:

Anyone brave enough to add their one sub efforts?  




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Somebody asked for a planetary one shot sub.......

In my PLANETS folder it is labelled   "1.jpg"   my very first attempt at photographing Jupiter.  C6 with Panasonic GF1 (June 2016) ....cannot remember if it was prime focus or eyepiece projection Probably about a 1/10th of a second....




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Here's a 15 minute sub of the Helix.

Straight out of the camera last night (one of many). I haven't done anything more than look at this, so I can't say what its potential is.

Equipment: ED80 + 0.85 FR. HEQ5 + 1100D camera


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Screen grab of one frame from an SER video captured using ASI 120MC. The screen grab means the 12 bit video has been reduced to an 8-bit image.

Cropped and wavelets in registax, nothing else. Only just noticed the two moons at left!


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A single calibrated Lum sub of 600s of M51, unprocessed - apart from a DDP stretch, in order that you can see it !


If anyone is interested, this is normally my thought process when examining individual subs:

1 I have couple of dust doughnuts that haven't been taken out by the flat. Although not ideal, I've found quite a good technique to eliminate these in PS. 

2. I also have quite a few hot pixels, although these would be taken out through the subsequent stacking process (since all my subs are dithered). However, the number of hot pixels indicates that it's time for me to take some more dark frames (I haven't taken them for more than 7 months). 

3. I have a slight gradient which I presume is caused by the moon, since I image from a low light pollution area.  This is not a problem, since when the images are stacked, I'll use DBE to remove this. 

4. The aspect ratio of the stars is very good (I normally put all my subs through CCDInspector in order to check things like aspect ratio, average FWHM etc etc.).  Since I now image unguided, I focus particularly on the star aspect ratios, if these rise, then it might be an early indicator that a new sky model is required.

5. The average star has a FWHM of 4.2pixels, measuring a few individual stars seems to confirms this, so at my imaging scale, this indicates that the seeing is about 2.9 arc seconds, which is about average for my site. 

6. The stars and galaxy doesn't appear to be causing any camera saturation.


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With the state of the weather and speed at which I'm gathering data for this image, a single sub pic seems like a good idea... 30 min Ha (with the E130D and G3-16200 CCD), bias subtraction, defect map, a light stretch and some curves. Some random squiggly bits that normally get sigma clipped out are still lurking in there.





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