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Hello all,


I love trying new ways of processing. I tried flats first the first time (which failed to improve the images so I removed them).  Today's Main goal was to try my first ever animation. 


I am still going through that data and learning curve, so that will come later. But here are some close up shots taken with a TV 3x barlow.


This data was processed a bit more aggressively.  I have softer versions available if you think there is too much noise on these.


Comments welcome, animation to come!








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lovely shots Tyson, yer I agree with Michael, you probley know this, more frames = less noise = the more aggressive processing it will take, I find 600 frames to be the sweetspot with the quark, dont know if its the same with a lunt. nice detail caught mate. charl.

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Thanks for the replies. 


I captured 1780 I believe , best 20% so 356 frames. Duration was only 60 second at max sensor size. I did have to bump up the exposure time quite a bit. 


I could probably do 30% and at longer duration next time.


It sounds like I am a bit too low on frames. I haven't done any solar close ups before the Lunt60 that I got this year. 

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Reprocessed a couple. I used 40% stacks on the first two and backed off the aggressiveness on the same 20% of the third. These two turned out better, the others not so much.







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    • By Photosbykev
      The postman was kind to me today and dropped off a William Optics Zenithstar 61 and Flat61A flattener and the gods smiled on me with clear skies for 30 minutes. It would be a shame not to christen the new toys
      I only managed 10 lights so I didn't even consider darks or flats. The 10 lights from the Canon 5D MkIV, shot at iso 1600 x 60 seconds, were stacked and aligned in PS, median filtered for some noise reduction and then a few layer/curves tweaks to pull out some basic detail so I could look at the star profiles and and any vignetting.
      Overall impression is extremely good build quality and the focusing through the mask is ok on very bright stars but quite a challenge on lesser star magnitudes. Very little vignetting through the imaging train so the image circle cover the full frame sensor and it will be simple to either remove the gradients in PS or use flats and sharp stars corner to corner with no obvious colour aberrations.
      I do need to check where the weird smudges are in the imaging train because they weren't on the camera sensor yesterday, hopefully I'll find them pretty quickly because they are nasty!
      Screenshots are also included of APT focusing, Stellarium for the imaging area after plate solving in APT and then PHD2 for the guiding with the ZWO ASI120mm-mini camera on a ZWO 30mm f/4 scope (I've no idea if the guiding is good or bad but the polar alignment was achieved with the iPolar camera in the SkyGuider Pro mount
      I think at some point I'll add an 2" IDAS D2 filter into the imaging train and see if I can counter some local light pollution we have around here.

    • By Tyson M
      Good day fellow SGL members,
      I went out today with the AT60ED and the Star Adventurer to image the sun. Visually there was no spots or faculae that I could see. I thought I saw one or two ultra tiny spots of AR12709 with the SV80L but I didnt see them while imaging with the AT60ED. Granulation still apparent.
      Best 15% of 5000 frames. FC, AS!3, ImPPG, Gimp 

    • By Tyson M
      Good day all,
      I braved the cold (minus 25 degrees Celsiuss) to finally image this phase. I realized most of my prior imaging was near full moons.
      This required different techniques, so I am glad I got my chance. Backyard session lasting about 35min before my hands almost fell off haha.
      Stellarvue SV60EDS, ASI120mm usb 3.0, SW Star Adventurer
      AS!3, Fitswork, Gimp,
      Thanks for looking and clear skies!
      Cheers from Canada

    • By Tyson M
      Hello, after a considerable amount of work, I am finally ready to present two animations I took a ton of data from clear skies on Saturday. These are my first close up animations.
      Due to rotation from poor polar alignment and clouds (even after running the video through PIPP), I had alignment issues so I had to separate them.
      Hope you enjoy. I always like seeing the sun in motion.  
      Images were from 11:45am to 1445pm approx. With some cloud interfering after 1300.
       No flats either hence the Newtonian rings. I may have one more short animation to post soon still, which I will update this post with a new comment. 
      These are both about 20 frames each, and will have another one for about 7-8 frames.
      Thanks for looking

    • By Tyson M
      Hello fellow SGL members, hope you're all getting some sun!
      I was graced with several hours of clear skies and good seeing. These images are my personal best, IMO (based on noise,presence of newtonian rings, chromosphere details,ect).
      I also tried experimenting with a whitelight mosaic and another animation.
      I am having stacking issues with my white light, but I will be getting started on my animation soon. I am excited to show you that, if it turns out.
      This images are taken with the usual gear and processing. 
      Thanks for looking and clear skies (especially for the eclipse).
      Comments welcome
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