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Sol WL, HA, PROMS, AR2665, AR2666, 17-7-17 09.00 ish

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at last I can see the sun, and ar2665 is still there only just, theres a few proms scattered around the disc, no large ones. seeing is okish but theres a bit of thin cloud about but I'm just happy to get a few shots.

kit ed80 quark asi12mc for HA, 120mm lunt wedge 1200d for WL. 

hope you all have clear , thanks for looking. charl.

WL mono.


WL coloured.






prom oncoming limb.


prom off going limb.


prom off going limb lower.


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Nice collection. I noticed some lumps and bumps on the eastern limb which could herald a new AR just around the corner. Let's hope so, as the disk will be VERY quiet once AR2665 turns the corner, probably later today, by the look of it

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Wohoo the Sun is out and I was ready for it for once had to wait for the last bits of cloud to shift and the seeing isn't up to much but at least we get to capture the splendid AR2665 one last time.

Nicely done Charl, there's a nice daytime Moon up there as well, can you catch it through your window ?


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thanks Michael, I hope theres something about to move on, a blank one allways blanker straight after a lovely AR we have just had. ive clear forcast tomorrow too  "fingers crossed". clear skys, charl.

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thanks Dave, don't think ive a chance with the moon mate, look at my sky-


ha do filter it out well but the moon would be a mush mate, glad you have some clear, seeing here wasn't too bad a bit of fazing going on, my main problem was that orrid thin stuff, clear skys, charl


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    • By xtreemchaos
      seeings pants today very hazey and fazey. so using the ed80 instead of the bigger scope.
      theres a nice sized prom on the omcoming limb and some micro ones above it, ive try to catch the AR but its not showing to good. 
      hope you all have clear and better seeing than me. thanks for looking. charl.
      AR sort of.

      proms on coming limb.

    • By Tyson M
      Good day all, still working on fine tuning my set up.
      Attached is aggressive (first) and soft (last) processing.
      End image is with a focal reducer, no filter, which resulted in more aggressive processing to bring out details.
      I was very impressed with the Baader 685 IR pass filter.
      Comments welcome. Thanks for looking/reading and clear skies.
      Waxing Gibbous 93% with Baader IR pass filter
      Dec 1, 2017. TS 72mm F5.5 apo.
      SW Star Adventurer.
      ASI120mm USB 3.0
      FC, AS!3, ImPPG, Gimp

    • By xtreemchaos
      just some qwick shots "ive the sky man coming out in a bit" seeing here is fazey.
      theres a number for the AR now AR2689.
      hope you all have clear . thanks for looking. charl.
      prom off going limb lower.

      prom off going limb upper.

      ar2689, cloud attacked could only get 450 frames.

      whitelight mono.

    • By xtreemchaos
      lovely sunny day here in south wales, seeing is ok, bit hazey, bit of thin cloud. theres no proms apart from the odd tiny spikes.
      kit ed80 quark asi120mc for HA and starwave 102 f11, lunt wedge, 1200d for whitelight.
      hope you all have clear to view. thanks for looking, charl.
      WL mono.

      closer shot with asi120mc 800x800. theres don't seam to be a number for this one yet, its been three days ,you would think thay would get there act together.



      another shot of the at, 800x800.

      whats left of the huge filament.

    • By xtreemchaos
      lovely sunshine here thismorrning, seeings ok a bit fazey, the big filament is looking very nice today and theres a nice bigish prom on the lower oncoming limb. in whitelight its very quiet only a bit of snakey stuff to see on the mid off going limb.
      kit- ed80, quark, asi120mc for HA and starwave 102, lunt wedge, 1200d for WL.
      hope you all have clear to view. thanks for looking. charl. 
      large filament.

      prom oncoming limb lower coloured.

      don't ask me what happened here but I thought it looked funkie.

      sorry about the pixels I'm realy pushing this little cam, I'm hoping santa brings me a new one.
      prom invert for fun.

      prom off going limb lower quite faint.


      filament with colour.

      wl mono.

      wl coloured.

      look what I have to contend with .

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