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nebula or dirty eyepiece ?

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hey , I was trying to view the Pleiades and when I did I took a photo of it using my smartphone  but I saw what looked like red nebula in the edges of the photo , so I took many photos and it was always the same so I looked at 3 different patches of the sky and it was always the same , so is this actually nebula or nebula like formations or is it just something wrong with my phone or eyepiece ?

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I know but my telescope is still new so I didn't really get many accessories , the photos didn't really show them well on my laptop but they were very apparent on my phone 20170714_035550.thumb.jpg.45feb5f22cf9ecb6a39d6362023661f9.jpg

if you see it with your phone using outdoors lighting option with your phone rotated , you will see on the left side what I think might be the nebula , please tell e if it actually is something important 

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If I really stretch your image. I can see the red edges to the frame that you refer to but this just looks like 'noise' artefacts to me, I really can't see any data relating to the Pleiades star cluster I'm afraid. What I am seeing is not nebulosity.

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