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More on Full Disk Flats (for Nerds only?) :P


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Among the data I deleted / reinstated yesterday, I did do a few
more experiments re. "flat strategies" for FULL Disk HA Images. :)

I suppose my main conclusion is that if you don't NEED flats for
Full Disk images, don't bother to do them! (Clean the chip etc!) :D
(This is something many people say - And with fair reason? lol) 

N.B. A layer or two of Cling Film works well for Barlowed images.
May indeed be *necessary* to get rid of dust / chip anomalies! ;)

That said...

Much as I LIKE my DMK41 camera (Hey I'm not complaining!) if
I look hard enough there are some "slightly dodgy" pixels! And 
of course, I KNOW *exactly* where to look for these defects... :p

*THE BEST* full disk flat I have generated thus far is by using
a total of Eight layers of Cling film arranged "Union Jack style"
to avoid any "grain" in the film! The resultant FLAT looks like...

Note: the exposure time was approaching frame rate limitation!


TO FURTHER improve this, I even *drifted* the Sun across the
field to increase the basic uniformity of the above even more... 

This is a typical "No Flats" image of mine: If you look carefully
you can see a few striations / dark pixels at the top of the disk. :eek:


And here is the current "best effort" Flattened version:
(The faint lines / spots are gone!) Take my word? lol


The ultimate to completely flatten the image (Using artificial flats as well!)
... Colorize (sic) the image and then remodel using an (IRIS) Artificial Sun! 


Whether this is all WORTH it in the end is up to the individual! :D
BUT at least some combination of the above will work (maybe).

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Thanks for the LIKES folks! Not just trying to fill up the space
allowed for internet! (And I have leaned stuff here myself). :)
I now have enough data and TIME (more than many) to form
some kind of conclusion on this is an often-referred issue... ;)

I think it won't surprise anyone that the most successful FLAT
is one that is erm... "flat"! To persuade any stacking software 
to "do the maths correctly" any *black* edges round the Sun
should be as small as possible! How to achieve it is moot? ;) 

I will carry on with random plotting and experimentation! :p
I will post on this thread. (Comments welcome too!) 
And If I find anything startling / revolutionary? :D

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