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Sol 12-7-2017


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Lunt 60mm with corando rich tune 60mm d/s with 1200 b/f

Point Grey research Gig E IMX249 mono (they do a USB3 version now)

I use the Genika software but firecapture also works well

I use a Toughbook CF C1 win7pro 64 bit wth a SSD disk and get between 36 and 32 fps using a ROI of 1050 x 1050 using 30ms exp with no gain if clear haze can effect this of course.

I don't get NR with this set up, others do though.


I also have a Chameleon USB3 IMX265 with smaller pixels and am going to try with a SFF dell computer as I only get 4 fps with the toughbook, but it is not USB 3 - i have to use a plug in card.

I do get 60+ fps at jupter size with the C11

i do get NR's with this cam but a slight tilt cures it

Helens  newer laptop has USB3 and runs at 34fps but starts buffering after about 300 frames


my desktop will do 38 fps full frame and jupiter size will do 98 fps roi with no buffering





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