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The Lobster and the Cat (NGC6357 and NGC6334)


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I don't think I have posted images here before so here goes

The Lobster and the Cats paw are a couple of emission Nebulae in Scorpio. I acquired these at the last new moon from a very dark site in New South Wales.  In between the 2 nebs are a number of dark nebula areas. The cats paw is really interesting at longer focal lengths as each area of the paw is quite different in appearance .

The lobster is also known as the Man of War nebula and within is a star forming area that again holds up better at longer focal lengths.



Details -  22 * 600 second subs using a modified Canon 5D Mk II on the back of an FSQ106n mounted on an AP Mach1. Guiding was with an Sbig STi with the lens kit..

Imaging processing was done in PI. No darks for this one, just bias and an awful lot of dithering.


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13 minutes ago, ultranova said:

Nice, don't get to see many wide fields on here from down below

interesting part of the sky.

Well done


Thanks Paul. There's a whole heap of stuff down here if you can just get that wider FOV.


19 hours ago, Allinthehead said:

I like it. Nice to see something different.

Glad you like it. Thanks

23 hours ago, toxic said:

very nice image :thumbright:

Cheers Chris

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