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Thank you all very much for your kind words and the suppot and advice you have given me over the last three years since I started pursing astrophotography as a hobby.  I have so much still to learn and so I greatly appreciate the help I get from everyone on this site. 

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    • By AstroNebulee
      Hi all
      This will hopefully be the new thread for all things regarding the skywatcher Az Gti mount. Please share anything you think is relevant or ask any questions regarding this stunning and very capable mount. I'm hoping that this will become the central hub for this mount and the place to come to for advice, help, information and knowledge for the Az Gti. Share your images of your mount and set up along with images captured or experiences observing with it. I've owned mine since May this year and use it with my sw 72ed ds pro, asi air pro, Canon 600D in EQ mode. Even though its mot meant for astrophotography it sure can pull out some brilliant performances. I live in a 1st floor flat and portability is key for me and the goto functionality is a godsend to setup quickly. So feel free to ask anything and other az gti owners can help and advise. 

    • By refractor2345
      For me, it was a 70/700 refractor nice and easy, but what scope did you start with? (P.S. I don't want the Refractor vs Reflector fight again!)
    • By Peter1984
      Hi Guys,
      So I am losing my mind with this Mount. I am having the same issues. For the life of me I can’t work it out. Here is a pic of how my scope is mounted.  Would really appreciate some help as I am increasingly frustrated with this purchase.  Thank you. 

    • By Catakraken
      Hello. I recently acquired an Ocal electronic collimator for my new 130 PDS and the image I see when I connect it is the one I attach. I can't adjust the green circle in the circle created by the end of the focuser. Not even helping me with the offset of the program, whose maximum is 20. I don't know if anyone has tried this collimator with its 130PDS. But it doesn't seem normal. Any ideas? Thank you.

    • By MHaneferd
      Winter is coming and I struggled the past days with dew on my Skywatcher 120ED. I have tried to use a self made isolation dew-cap around it, but not good enough (still dew)
      I have browsed trough the forum and read about dew heaters vs. Dew shield, and figured out that I probably need a dew heater. The temperature here can range from minus 5 to minus 35 degrees celcius, but I dont think I’ll be using the scope when passing minus 20.
      My question is, which dew heating option would handle minus 10 to minus 20 degrees celcius for my scope? I am afraid that the temperature loss will make the strips not functioning well when passing minus 10 degrees, but I might be wrong?

      I guess my scooe is around 45cm circumference outside the tube.
      I am using 220V with adapters to everything else, so power is not an issue. 
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