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Need help with processing jupiter

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So i recently imaged jupiter with my iphone , processed it a bit but i want to remove the chromatic aberration and the edge of the planet but i dont know how to do that in photoshop. Also please give me feedback on what should i do with the image so it looks better, Clear skies!

Jupiter 7-11-2017 2 Processed.jpg

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2 hours ago, Grotemobile said:

I will second that. There is a few other things you can do in Registax 6  as well. Very good for a i phone picture. :thumbsup:

That's why i said photoshop, i tried RGB align and it helped, but i still have quite a  lot of chromatic aberration since all the wavelets and contrast improing made the aberration even worse. I wanted to somehow remove the edge of the planet also and i dont know how to do that, i just saw a tutotial on yt on how to do that but now i cant seem to find it anymore.

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3 hours ago, Grotemobile said:

ImageAnalyzer1.36.1.exe Try this out. One of the members on here devised this software.

It takes a bit of sorting out but it does work. There should be a tutorial on it somewhere on  here. 

I improved it quite a bit but i still want to remove the edges because they dont really look like a part of the planet, can you please help me with that? Also how do i remove those green things on the planet?


Jupiter Best attempt 2.jpg

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