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Jupiter’s Galilean Moons – events for October (incl GRS)

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Table created using The Planets 2.02. A FREE program available from http://www.cpac.org.uk

1 Oct 200821:16IoDisappears into Occultation
2 Oct 200818:37 – 20:53IoTransit
2 Oct 200819:56 – 22:13IoShadow Transit3 Oct 200819:21IoReappears from Eclipse3 Oct 200819:41GRSCrosses Central Meridian4 Oct 200820:23GanymedeDisappears into Occultation5 Oct 200820:04EuropaDisappears into Occultation5 Oct 200821:20GRSCrosses Central Meridian7 Oct 2008Sunset - 19:39EuropaShadow Transit Ends8 Oct 200818:50GRSCrosses Central Meridian8 Oct 2008Sunset - 19:06GanymedeShadow Transit Ends9 Oct 200820:32 – Jupiter SetIoTransit Begins9 Oct 200821:51 – Jupiter SetIoShadow Transit Begins10 Oct 200820:29GRSCrosses Central Meridian10 Oct 200821:16IoReappears from Eclipse10 Oct 200821:32 – Jupiter setCallistoTransit Begins11 Oct 2008Sunset - 18:37IoShadow Transit Ends12 Oct 200822:08GRSCrosses Central Meridian14 Oct 2008Sunset - 19:37EuropaTransit Ends14 Oct 200819:28 - 22:16EuropaShadow Transit15 Oct 200819:39GRSCrosses Central Meridian15 Oct 200819:42 – Jupiter SetGanymedeShadow Transit Begins17 Oct 200819:37IoDisappears into Occultation17 Oct 200821:18GRSCrosses Central Meridian18 Oct 2008Sunset - 19:14IoTransit Ends18 Oct 200818:15 - 20:32IoShadow Transit19 Oct 200820:35CallistoDisappears into Eclipse20 Oct 200818:49GRSCrosses Central Meridian21 Oct 200819:31 – Jupiter SetEuropaTransit Begins22 Oct 200818:36 - 21:54GanymedeTransit22 Oct 200820:28GRSCrosses Central Meridian23 Oct 200820:01EuropaReappears from Eclipse24 Oct 200821:34IoDisappears into Occultation25 Oct 200817:58GRSCrosses Central Meridian25 Oct 200818:55 - 21:12IoTransit25 Oct 200820:11IoShadow Transit Begins26 Oct 200819:36IoReappears from Eclipse27 Oct 200819:37GRSCrosses Central Meridian27 Oct 2008Sunset - 20:13CallistoTransit Ends29 Oct 200821:17GRSCrosses Central Meridian

Where some events start but there is no end listed or end without a start, it is because Jupiter and/or the Sun has either set or risen to cut out the beginning or end of an event!

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