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Celestron Nightscape 10100 sensor issue

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Hi everyone,

I seem to have an issue with my NS camera that I can't figure out. Whenever I take a picture, every bright object in it, especially stars, have a black shadow on the right part of the image. I have disregarded the effect coming from the telescope or reflections from outside, because the shadow always appears on the right, regardless the angle of the camera with respect to the telescope. The effect is very apparent when I'm focusing. I have attached several pictures to see if someone can give me a hint:

- ...004: focusing street lights

- ...006 Calibration (Dark)

- ...008 Calibration (Bias)

- ...010 Calibration (Flat): pointing to a street light and trees

- ...013 Focusing a star

- ...019 Picture of street lights

- ...003 Focusing a bright star

- ...5420 Picture of a star field









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Is the mechanical shutter fully opening, not jamming halfway?

The software settings suggest to me it's binned 2x2, if so is it the same unbinned?


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Thanks for replying. The shutter goes all the way through, I'll check out what gives with a different binning tonite (in Spain) 

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I have been trying different things, including no binning, power adapters... none of them helped. Any other thoughts?

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What sort of scope are you using. I wouldn't be collimation out would it?? Do you have a photo of your set up as this might help.

Edit: Are you able to take a daytime shot.

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I had almost identical issues  with my ATIK 460. The diagnosis was that it needed a new PCB. There was quite a lot of a corrosion present, suggesting water / condensation has got into the camera at some point.





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