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Walking on the Moon

White light images from the 8.7.2017 inc "double Barlowed" image

Pete Presland

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 The large spot group from the 8th, 1st image AM, 2nd PM, the 3rd with a X2 Barlow & X2.5 Powermate a bit OTT I guess. I doubled up to try and show the slightly fainter light bridge running across the Umbra.

ED80, Baader ND3.8 film, DMK21au618.

59625b79e19ca_2017_07_0809.14AR2665.png.74a40a28e1ee64a8dd2b05f6f8a04b25.png 59625b7c71189_2017_07_0814.24AR2665.png.17e7bb84296c57dd01f8813c88c1bf3f.png 59625b7e49cd5_2017_07_0814.30AR2665X22.5Combo.png.9836b271d946d541ed9d8e860af351cf.png

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7 minutes ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Nice detail captured. The DMK21 works best at between F/25 and F/30 as I remember, so a 5x barlow in an F/7.5 scope is a bit much, but not way over the top.

I had a X5 TV Barlow, but never tried for white light imaging. Unfortunately I sold it through lack of use.

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