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Hi all

I had a walk around a carboot sale this morning and came across these unknown bin's..

Despite appearing to be very cheap bins (Rubbish softcase and lens caps) they really are extremely bright and clear!! Also, They're auto focus! The ocular lenses can be adjusted to the individual then away you go!! :hello2:

I paid £15 for them which is quite a sum from the bootsales but the brightness and clarity made me stick my hand in my pocket!! :icon_biggrin:

Does anyone know what the '200x120' actually means as i'm only familiar with the max x object lens dia markings!!




I've had Steiner bins before and still have a set of Steinheil bins but i've not heard of these before and there seems to be very little on the web about them! 

PS, I just did a search for 'Super view binoculars' and I found out they're Chinese make with Bak 4 prisms, Only 6 mag, They seem more powerful!!


Cheers, John :headbang:

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Congratulations, a field of 200 m at 1 km is something like 11.4°. That is wonderfully wide!

Low power binoculars have interesting properties for  amateur astronomers. Their bright and wide fields make them excellent for rich field observing. And of course, low power means you won't need a tripod to get shake free views.

I have experience with 4x22, 17° field binoculars. Their exit pupil is 5.5 mm (22 divided by 4), which makes them bright enough to make targets like the Orion Nebula or the Andromeda galaxy stand out well. They offer impressive views of the constellations, and the the Milky Way is remarkable in them.

Low power ensures that individual eyepiece focussing is hardly an inconvenience. Lower magnification comes with a greater the depth of field, which actually is  a great benefits for nature observers. Unless your target is really nearby, it will look sharp, like everything else all the way to the horizon. Especially young children, whose eyes can accommodate over many diopters, will rarely need to adjust the focus of a low power pair of binoculars.

My 4x22 Kasai seem to have the same eyepieces as yours. Mine are from an inexpensive line made by Kunming United Optics. I guess your 6x30s come from the same factory.

Enjoy them!

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