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Hi Res (ish) moon from 02/07


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Really really trying to get back into the astronomy... 

I'm limited to Solar and Lunar really now with the kit that I have, and maybe the bigger planets. 

I was tied to the house over the weekend, supporting a colleague. As it happened she didn't need much help from me so I thought that I'd get the scope out. 

First of all I tried some solar. Bare in mind its been a long time since I did anything. Nothing has changed - but the camera decided to pack up. Turns out after an afternoon of testing things with the help of @Grant , that I'd worked out it was three different errors all happening at the same time. 

First I think the camera got confused. Second I had a faulty USB lead and Thirdly once I'd sorted one and two, I was running the laptop on battery power and the USB port wasn't giving enough juice! 

But I got there in the end! 

These images were taken at around 7:30, so it was still light. I was imaging over the roof of the bungalow and I'd only given the scope an or so to cool (which may have been enough I don't know). 

These two images were taken with the Skyris 274 through a Skymax 127 (old blue tube version), the second with a 2x barlow.

This one is worth seeing full screen - really chuffed with this :)


Annoyingly the join is very visible on this one :(



Thanks for looking


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Thanks both :) I like the first one too :D

The first one is a 8 pane mosaic measuring 2239 x 2739 pixels - so around 6mp. I could probably covered it in 6 panes (maybe 4 at a push), but the amount of times that I've missed a little bit due to not enough overlap.... Not doing that again! 


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Don't be so modest Ant, these must be very rewarding for you, after the frustrations you've had of late.
I like the second one, and the join is less  worse than the one I had when I papered the living room
a few months ago. The alpine Valley looks great cutting through the Alps.
You're up and running again, that's got to be the big plus. :icon_salut:



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