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Hello folks, 

for long I have been browsing the internet to find a suitable 10in dob and despite lack of reviews, I have decided to take the plunge with the Bresser Messier 10in Dobsonian. There was some doubt at first, especially when considering the popularity of similar scopes from Skywatcher, Meade and GSO. Even though Bresser is relatively new to the market, it has some clever features: 

1. The massive 2.5in hexagonal rack and pinion focuser is very solid and the movement is smooth. Despite being only single speed, Bresser sells an a dual speed 10:1 extension. However, I find the movement precise enough and do not need the extension at the moment. 

2. Optical finder scope feels a bit cheap but it is a nice upgrade over the red dot finder I had on my previous scope.

3. Rocker box style base allows disassembling the scope into two pieces (OTA and base).  

4. Tube rings allows the scope to be easily balanced when adding weight + after adding a suitable dovetail plate, the OTA can be used on an equatorial mount (if you plan to upgrade to an eq mount, I would consider the 8in model, as an eq mount for the 10in would be expensive).

The only negative comments I can give about the scope is the production process. There were some minor issues with the assembly with the scope as parts did not fit properly. First problem was with one hole drilled deeper (loosening the particular screw fixed the issue). Another problem was with the altitude wheel as it made the OTA to pop out from the rocker box. (A loose screw on one of the plastic pads between the box and altitude wheels was causing this. Make sure all these screws are tightened and below the surface of the pads). 

Lastly, I assume there must have been a mistake in the quantity of items included (I got twice as many screws for the rockerbox and 2 eyepieces instead of one, both were 25mm super plossl but the standard was a 1.25in advertised on the bresser webpage, while the other was a 2in wide angle) 

I did not have the opportunity to test the scope outside properly due to clouds. 

Update: 01.06.2017

Had the chance to try it out on the moon and jupiter to a max magnification of around 160x. The results were very sharp and detailed views. Unfortunately, clouds rolled in before it got dark enough to observe DSO's. I am waiting for clouds to clear and a package with a 42mm wide angle eyepiece and a 2in GSO 2x ED barlow to arrive next week. 







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Looks like a nice, well thought out scope with some interesting features. There are obviously not many of them out there yet but I reckon they are well worth trying.

Looking forward to more reports when you get a chance to use it properly.

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Great report & pics - very nice looking scope :thumbsup:

I really like the tube rings and big alt bearings, the secondary adjustment screws, and the focuser looks nice too.

Looking forward to hearing more on how it performs :headbang:

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Nice scope. :) I've had the 8" version for a couple of years and been pleased with the performance. 

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Nice to see sensible sized alt bearings on a mass produced Dob. Very refreshing change from the norm. 

I too look forward to reading more on it's performance :) 

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Sorry to resurrect this thread but I made an account just to do it haha. I am strongly considering this telescope and was hoping for an update! 


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Hi and welcome to SGL lots of folks on here happy to help.

Just checked out the Telescope House website, this scope is shown as in stock. Looks the same as the pics shown earlier.

If I were looking for 10” Dobsonian, the Bresser would be a strong contender. I like the fact that the tube is mounted in tube rings, this allows rotation to bring the focuser into a position to suit the user, and fore and aft movement for balance. The large altitude bearings are much better than from other manufacturers.

I’d rather have a Telrad finder than a small optical unit, but that’s an easy upgrade later on. A scope like this really needs better eyepieces to get the most out of the scope, but that applies to similar scopes from other makers.

Of course there’s always the second hand market, but it’s often difficult to find what you’re looking for without a long journey to collect. A new scope means you get your requirements delivered to your door.

A 10” Dob could very easily be a lifetime scope with no need to ever upgrade.

All the best in your choice, Ed.


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I got one last year and am very pleased with it.  The bearings keep the tube steady, collimation is easy, the focuser is smooth and steady.  Being quite fast, sharpness falls off a bit away from centre field, but for visual that is not a problem.

Other points: it is manageable, but I am glad I didn't go for anything larger.  The finder is all but useless - I replaced it with a nice, light Rigel for finding targets, and a RACI for the wider view and for tracking.  I use it on a small homemade platform to get the eyepiece at a comfortable height.

It has aperture, magnification, pretty good field.  Stars are sharp (maybe not as good as with a frac of course), and lunar detail is fabulous.  I would recommend this telescope very highly.





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Thanks for the replies! 

I should note that I currently have an 8 inch skywatcher dob, along with a 23mm Celestron Luminos, 16mm TV nagler type 2, 12mm astro-tech paradigm, 9mm svbony 68* and a Televue 2.5x barlow. 

My thought process is that I plan to give the 8 inch to my brother who is in college, and get a 10 inch to be my smallest dob. As my "end goal" is a 16in Explore Scientific truss dob in a couple of years. We are going to Big Bend this summer and I would like to get the 10 inch before that. The Bresser is a strong contender but I am wondering if its advantages are worth the $$ over the ES model that is virtually the same. Seems the Bresser has a different mirror and a slightly different focuser. I haven't found a bad report of the views. Same with the Explore Scientific though. Then add in the collapsable skywatcher and I have quite a conundrum here haha. 

I am also working on getting quality EPs before I get the scope. I plan to add a 12mm type 2 nagler and an 8.8 mead uwa and maybe a 3x barlow. I am hoping I won't need a coma corrector, but ik I will have to have one eventually for the 16in, but that is too far off to worry about. Any reports of coma?

Thanks again. 

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Going from 8" to 10" is not much of an upgrade. Does your brother want the 8" or are you simply justifying buying another telescope? I think an 8" is the limit of a 1-part carry dob which makes it more grab and go than the 10". If the long term goal is the 16" then I think the 8" is possibly a better fit as the alternate scope. Unless you actually need two scopes now/for the summer I would be inclined to put the money towards the 16".

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We currently live in the same town but my job is moving me to Austin, and he has really gotten into the hobby. I have handled a couple of 10in dobs at star parties so I am not worried about that.  Plus I have a 102mm refractor if I want a quick session. I have compared sketches and read several posts of people saying if you are replacing the 8 with the 10 as the smallest dob, it is worth it. I will get the 16 when I get settled into Austin in a year or two when I have bought a house outside of the city. But I do have a good friend from college that has a big ranch in lockhart, about 45min away from Austin, that I will take the 10 inch to in the mean time. 

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    • By AstroRuz
      Skywatcher 150/1200 f8 planetary Newtonian.
      Bought this originally intending to set up a planetary rig but circumstances call for sale.
      Will come with eyepieces and a collimation eyepiece. Not used by myself and has seen very little use. Mirrors in good condition
      Collection only

    • By Ships and Stars
      Hi all,
      Last night was the best night of astronomy I've had in my short time delving into this passion. It was simply incredible. Fortunately my dear friends the midgies have departed Scotland for another season. This means I can now stand at the scope without ingesting a lungful of tiny biting insects and concentrate on what I am observing. Always a plus!
      Two nights ago I went to my local dark spot with my 200p SW reflector. It was wonderful. LP map shows Bortle 4, but I would actually say it was a 3 or possibly a 'bright 2' when the lights go down a bit in the wee hours.
      Last night, I took the 20" dob and parked up. I am finding it easier and easier to move this beast around, but it's still a little bit of work to set up at the end of the day (literally). It can't all be so easy!
      I'm fairly new to astronomy and my scopes haven't seen a huge amount of use. After several failed attempts to get the GOTO working, I finally sussed it last night. It was just a few simple things really - small errors on my part such as a misplaced washer which blocked the azimuth from using its full range of motion, combined with a limited view at home which prevented me from doing a successful align. A huge relief to get the GOTO up and running, but I now feel a bit like I'm cheating!
      I don't feel guilty enough to not use the GOTO however😁 Frankly, it's brilliant and was putting objects bang in the centre of the EP.
      I arrived about 6pm yesterday so plenty of time to set up. I left my counterweights at home and thus ended up strapping a small vinyl bag of tools and tyre jack to the underside of the mirror box with a tie-down. Worked really well actually! Can fine tune by removing a spanner or two.
      A few drops of rain blew through just before dusk but then rapidly cleared off, so all systems go.
      I tripped over the power cord after my first successful align. And then did it again a minute later after my second align! Will need to tidy that arrangement up or put some of my glow tape on the cable. Plenty of practice then doing an alignment, haha.
      M57 Ring Nebula for starters, I've been playing with my Baader 36mm aspheric quite a lot lately, I like the wide views. The Ring was fairly small through the 36mm but bright and crisply defined with an apparent faint blue tint. I then swapped to the 21mm Ethos and OIII which stayed in the focuser most of the night. 
      Next stop was NGC6960, Western Veil Nebula or 'Witch's Broom Nebula' which was mind-blowing. It appeared as a silvery apparition which threaded right across the sky and extended well past the FOV from the 21mm Ethos. Scanning along its wispy tentacles was amazing. There's something unnerving about viewing it, it gives me goose-pimples, just otherworldly. The Eastern Veil and Pickering's Triangle in the central area were also clearly prominent, albeit slightly less luminous than 6960. The Veil was also clearly visible without the OIII, but with much more 'background noise', i.e. stars competing for attention.
      Following this, I slewed over to the Cocoon Nebula, but only saw a very dark lane practically void of stars. That was interesting in itself as it was so apparent by virtue of its darkness.. I don't know if I bumped the scope alignment of if I was just too impatient to punch another object in to the handset, but didn't spend a huge amount of time chasing it. In hindsight, I think I slewed to the wrong end of the dark lane. I'll find it next go.
      I then lined up on the Crescent Nebula which was easily visible, lots of fine filamentary details observable after some time studying it. A beauty.
      Next was Dumbbell Nebula which practically looked 3D through the big dob, just jumped right out at me. Another simply amazing sight. I spent quite a long time staring at it and could easily see the entire shape and structure extending from the 'Apple Core'. I remarked last night it looked like it was hanging inches in front of the scope. That's sheer aperture working I suppose!
      At the end, I spent some time just slewing around and having a mesmerising look across the sky, just taking in the depth and variable magnitude of stars that a big scope can display. I was already running on three hours' sleep from the previous night and by this time, I was starting to crash but was on a natural high. I crashed into the bed happily.
      Can't wait for another clear night with the big dob. I was a bit worried a few weeks ago that I'd bought something I didn't have the time or skill to fully appreciate, but getting the GOTO up and running and being able to rapidly slew to various objects really put things into perspective. My 200p is a wonderful, portable scope, but in comparison, 20" of aperture is simply a completely different level. It is like the difference between a small grainy 640px video and high definition 4k with the brightness cranked right up.
      Tonight I shall stay in, sleep well and dream about how much discarded glass is needed to cast a 36" mirror blank and how many years it would take me to figure it...
      Clear skies all

    • By Gary Shaw
      Hi All I’m considering purchasing an 8”aperture, f3.8 newtonian ( primarily for EAA) from Orion UK and would appreciate any input or feedback from anyone familiar with the product, the company or the purchasing process - and how to assess the compatibility with my current cameras.
      This is would be a step up from my current equipment and entails selecting components that I’ve never used and know little about such as a rack and pinion focuser and components (ACU-3L), and coma corrector (Wynne Corrector). I’ve added links to these items below.  I’m also feeling unsure of how to mate up my Zwo 178 and 294 cameras to the 3” focuser and whether there will be an acceptable match between the scope optics and my sensors.
      I’m sure the folks at Orion UK will assist with all this but I’d sure welcome input from the Stargazer's Lounge community before starting the dialog with Orion UK.
      thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
      ACU-3L Focuser selection Info: https://www.orionopt...sers.html#ACU3L
      Wynne Corrector selection Info: https://www.orionopt...torsfittin.html
    • By JamesAstro2002
      Hi everyone,
      I'm trying to figure out the cause of these weird star shapes I'm getting with my 130pds. I had them before, but someone narrowed it down to being pinched optics. So I loosened the primary retention clips, which seemed to fix the problem. Now that I've been able to get back out for another night of imaging, they seem to be back again! I made sure that the primary retention clips are still loose - should they be touching the mirror or not? I've also made sure that the primary collimation locking screws aren't done up too tight as well. Collimation through my cheshire looks to be spot on to me. Here's my image of Andromeda with the odd stars in question:

    • By LachlanR
      I’m looking for a supplier of telescope quality mirror sets at 100mm f4, preferably parabolic. Does anyone have suggestions? I would specially commission if necessary. 
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