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Eq3-2 with motors - longest subs achieved

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Currently have this set up with 150p on it and have only managed 20 sec subs before trailing starts. I know I have not been polar aligning properly so will try again next time out with better use of the polar scope, but I just wondered for comparison what other users of this set up have been able to get. My dream would be 60 sec. 

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Peter, i would think 60 sec is more than possible, i can get an easy 90 sec with my EQ5 with dual drive, but polar align is the key word, and here is a little tip, do the polar align at twilight, makes polaris really easy to see in the polar scope, a case of setting the mount up ready for darkness 

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Below is an unguided 2 minute image from my EQ2 setup with 650mm fl scope - polar alignment was spot on using SharpCap and a guide camera. Note my RA motor is a simple DC type, so isn't very accurate. A little trailing, so about 1min 30 sec would have been ok.


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