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Astrotrac RA worm will not rewind

Dark Matter

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After a 2 hour run, the worm on the Astrotrac will not rewind. All I hear is a 'jamming' sound. Brand new battery so its not power. 

You would think it would come to a hard stop and turn itself off rather than just keep winding itself into a jam.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have I got a stuffed RA worm? 

Thanks guys,


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I found the problem...!

It appears the worm nut has three pins sticking out of the worm nut so when the arm reaches its length, it hits the tapered plastic cover and stops the motor with a  beeping sound. Those pins apparently, had jammed into the tapered plastic cover end, and that is why it would not rewind. I've since tried the run again and all is good. Thought I'd mention all this in case it happens to other Astrotrac users. Nevertheless the Astrotrac is a grand piece of kit


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Glad to hear you found the issue. I have had this happen to me also. I think when I have transported the Astrotrac it's possible to push the plexiglass shield down ever so slightly to catch those pins. It never happens to me if I rewind before it comes to a "full-stop" and if the shield is at the correct position. I still love the Astrotrac, and agree it's amazing for it's size and weight.

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