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NGC 7380 Wizard In HA and HA/OIII


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This is just a start to my Wizard Nebula for this season.  This the first time i have imaged the wizard and am hoping to get a full Narrowband Set of data for it.  Around 11pm it is just high enough for me to start and can image for around 4 hours till the sun starts to peak and screw the sky up.  bad part is it is pretty low in the horizon at this point in the year so i am sure i am getting some atmospheric distortion at this point in the season.  Either way this is the start.  I may try to get some bin 2x data in OIII to see how it turns out since i have not tried that with this scope combo yet.

13x1200s HA Darks, Bias, no flats yet.  since i have good weather i am utilizing it for lights.


Wizard HA quick pro - PS.png

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So I don't want to clutter up the already cluttered main posting screen with Posts, so ill just post up the data here i got from last night added to the HA.  This was 11 x 1200s 2x2 OIII.  I will have to continue to add OIII to this and Maybe some SII to it as well it was a bit hard to get where it is and i'm sure colors aren't right, but i do like the color combo.  I always try to make my images the way i like them call them my own rendition.  Too many ways to skin a cat ya know.  Anyways here is what i have come up with, constructive criticism welcomed.  


Wizard Bi-Color 1st try - PS.png

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  • Rudeviewer changed the title to NGC 7380 Wizard In HA and HA/OIII

Nice wizard--lovely scale.  Interesting that there is no SII.  What were the mixtures you used?  I am hoping to get the Wizard for the first time as well.  It gets a bit higher for me.  I love that region of the sky.


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15 minutes ago, PatrickGilliland said:

That second version is very nice well done.


11 minutes ago, carastro said:

I like the 2nd version one with the contrast of the last one.

Nice work by the way.


Thank you both very much!  I am really liking the AT8RC.  I like certain things about each of these images.  I like the details in the second one, but really like the color of the gold and blue in the first one.   Either way they were both pretty fun to process......

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Well done with your Wizard selection and variants: good job.

As a small point in otherwise great images (and I hope you don't mind the question) - I wonder, did you use a star mask when boosting saturation?  I ask as you have some coloured ringed artefacts around the brighter stars, especially in the blue OIII gaseous areas?

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Thank you Barry.  I believe i did use masks in pixinsight when boosting saturation.  I'm sure my masks weren't quite as good as they should have been.  

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