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Walking on the Moon

A quick Rosette in Narrowband, from a few months back


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Good evening all,

It's been a while. Here's a quick Rosette for you, a work in progress...



NGC2237 - The Rosette Nebula
Constellation: Monoceros
Date taken: 30/11/16, 1/12/16, 19/12/16 & 3/1/17
Location: Bean, Kent
10 hours total exposure, 20 min subs; Ha:11, OIII:10, SII:9
Camera: QSI683wsg8, set point cooling -10°C, Astrondon Ha 3nm, OIII 5nm, SII 5nm
Scope: Skywatcher ED80 DS Pro
Mount: Paramount MX+
Guidescope: N/A
Guide camera: Lodestar2
The SkyX Professional, PixInsight, Nebulosity 4, Adobe Photoshop CC 2015


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I have a question regarding the number of subs, for both narrowband and DSLR imaging, what is the the maximum number of subs one can realistically use, before there is no further benefit from adding more? Or is there no limit?

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