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Duck End Observatory


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The longest, the hottest, the ground-breaking day for Duck End Observatory was today!

I'm aware that this is the 'DIY Observatories' forum, but I couldn't find a general observatories thread, and I did earn all the money myself before I gave it to the good folk at HomeObservatoryUK

Anyway, the dream team of Gareth, Ray, and Nathan, toiled away in the full heat of the sun to lay the sleeper foundations and the concrete pier base for my 8' x 8' roll-off.

Where, before, there was nothing but green sward (OK, well, clover mostly, actually) there is now the footprint of what will be my first-ever permanent observatory.

I wait with bated breath for the concrete to set...

(View is taken from the SW direction, looking NE.  The observatory is aligned N/S and the roof will roll off towards the north (ie. the small tree)






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Day two of on-site construction... and, indeed, the FINAL day of on-site construction.

The HomeObservatoryUK team of Gareth, Ray, and Nathan, returned to site with a truckload of bits, carefully fabricated over the last couple of weeks (including a bespoke pier) and proceeded to assemble it all in heat that was only marginally less than that of their last visit.  And by late afternoon – and more cups of tea than I have ever made before in a day – it was done!  Just needs the second-fix of electrics by my electrician.

Couldn't have been easier for me, and I suppose that's why some choose to buy rather than build themselves.  The quality of joinery is astounding: this is no ordinary shed and I believe there's well over a ton of woodwork in there.  The roof slides with a gentle push and safely locks in open or closed position with no chance of blowing away in a breeze.

Of course,  I just have to install all the kit and make it work properly during the copious clear nights that we shall be having from now on...

(views to the NE and SE)




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8 hours ago, Mick J said:

Looks wonderful, love the staggered rolloff.

Yes, thanks, I like that feature too – gives a good view to the west, and I can choose to do the same, or not, with the fold-down wall on the south side.  Although, to be fair, I think the views will be pretty good all round anyway, even to the north where the roof rolls off.  Will have to see how it works out when the mount and scope are fitted.  I hope I did my height calculations correctly!

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