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June 17 First light with ASI120mm cam- close ups

Tyson M

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Hello all, I am a bit late but I finally finished this set of good data.


Incredible prom shots, and close up surface features of the active regions in white light and H alpha really surprised me with how well they turned out. Many of this kind of imaging was processing for the first time, hence why it took me longer than normal to chew through.

Gear used for the white light close ups of 2662 and 2663 with the 5x powermate and Equinox 80mm

Tv 2x and 3x barlows for the Ha close ups.

Comments welcome, thanks for looking and clear skies!

Active Region 2663



A huge prominence:


This incredible filament turned out quite nice



The other large prom visible this day:


White light at prime focus


Active Region 2662



Active Region 2663


A pair of proms 



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