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Satellites? Space debris?

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Hi all

I just saw three 'satellites' emerge from almost the exact area of the sky where Jupiter was at 22.52pm (we are in Stockport) and they looked like Jupiter was shooting off a Roman Candle! Fantastic thing to see and something I have never seen before

Two went straight up and the other towards Porrima.

Anyone have access to any software that could confirm what I saw please?


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Anything here to help..........https://celestrak.com/software/satellite/sat-trak.asp 
I'm envious of seeing anything this time of the Year?
This image, looking South, was taken at 2304 with no editing, straight from the iphone. The image appears just a tad  brighter than the visual image, but not by much at the time, and with the ever present clouds of 2017  Ive got no chance!



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cheers Charic

ouch. I thought it was bad here.

Not sure about downloading software as I have no idea which one would work for me or even if it does what I need it to do?

I am hoping someone already runs such a program and can tell me :happy11:



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cheers buddy. The path of the first was about right but half an hour too early. All three were about the brightness of Jupiter and emerged within a  minute of each other along similar paths. the first two were visible together and the third a few seconds later. I'll do some more digging myself in due course.

I have been observing the sun today and assuming they were satellites, I was seeing about one per minute cross the disk, so in such a small area of sky suggests there are a lot up there!

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