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Skytee 2 slow motion control accessibility

Astro Joe

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I'm looking at purchasing this mount. I was wondering about how accessible the slow motion controls are when observing with a 10" Newt OTA such as the 250pds? Does installing slow mo extension cables make them usable with this set up?



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Hi Joe, the slo-mo controls are always difficult to access when using a big scope, I find this with my 200P, will be more difficult with your scope, however, no more difficult than an EQ to be honest - it is reaching them, twisting and contorting I have found.  Not tried extention cables, they will either be easy or get in the way of the OTA I should imagine.  Just my thoughts.

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I find the slow motion controls on my Skytee II OK to reach when I'm using my 100 and 120mm refractors (both 900mm in focal length) but are more awkward when my 130mm F/9 refractor (1200mm focal length) is on the mount.

I'm thinking of trying slow motion cables as well but I will go for the shortest that will make the necessary difference. I tried some long ones on a Skytee II once and they took ages to settle after use (too much "bounce" in them !) which imparted unwanted vibrations to the scope when viewing at high power.

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