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Dust and gas in cygnus


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Hello everybody,

The nights are now so short that it is difficult to make reasonable images. I wanted to shot a first light for my Takahashi 0.73 Reducer at the FSQ85, bought months ago. With that I have now 325mm focal length at f3.86.
I looked for a dusty region in Cygnus. In the region of the central star Gamma Cygni (Sadr), this capture of a nebulous region of Halpha structures in combination with RGB images and bicolor technique was developed. The second bicolor color channel was, however, not O[III] but S[II] in this case, since O[III] is virtually non-existent. The Bicolor mixture was combined with the RGB image, which makes the structures particularly vivid, while at the same time reproducing the colors quite realistically. So the picture is a HaSIIRGB. The calalogue number of the nebula is IC1318 A.

The reducer on my FSQ is now running, but it is a fumble until the stars in the corners are looking good. The focal plane has become so small that a few microsteps of the focus motor are enough to have instantly distorted stars even though everything else still looks sharp. A sample with Fokusmax still stands out, I did not want to waste the few hours per night with the training. So here the first light, 5.9 hrs in 4 nights :-)

More and data here: http://www.spaceimages.de/en/astrophotos/nebula/cygnus-nebula
or: http://www.astrobin.com/298776/




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A very balanced image.  Nice colors and the stars look great to me.  I know what you mean about the short nights.  Oh for the bitterly cold Winter......weell, on second thought.


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