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One and 2/3 galaxies - worst framing ever?


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This image may compete for being one of the worst framings ever.

It is an RGB image that I processed from free data from the Liverpool Telescope, a 2 m RC reflector on La Palma. This time with quite a lot of data, so not much noise and a lot of detail. The "only" problem is that the astronomers requesting the subs must only have cared about NGC 3187 and the beautiful NGC 3190 just happened to be partly included.

Found this nice info about these galaxes on the Canary Islands Astronomical Institute www.iac.es:
Discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1784, NGC 3190 and NGC 3187 are two spiral galaxies seen nearly edge-on. The spiral arms of NGC 3190 are tightly wrapped around its nucleus, and those of NGC 3187 are S-shaped. Both galaxies are located in the constellation Leo and are members of the Hickson 44 galaxy group, located about 70 million light years from Earth. The galaxies in this group are very close to each other so that gravitational interactions are common, resulting in a high degree of shape distortion and a high rate of star formation in many cases. This gravitational dance will eventually end up in many galaxy mergers.

Filters and exposures used (from 2015 01 21 - 2016 04 26).
sdss-r 40 x 90 s (red channel)
Bessell V 23 x 90 s (green channel)
Bessell B + sdss-g 53 x 90 s (blue channel)



LT NGC3187 RGB PS13sign.jpg

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1 hour ago, simmo39 said:

Thats my kind of framing! brill image though.

Thanks Simmo!

Yes, that kind of framing is not only artistic but it gets your imagination going regarding what it might look like just outside the frame. With the dull standard framing, no one cares about the rest of the universe, because it happens to be outside the frame. I have heard that you are supposed to think outside the frame...

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