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Summer Triangle Challenge

3d printed curve adaptor


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Finally, I've recently been able to design and test a replacement focuser base to augment the not-so-good baader versa base (its issues... caused tube deformation, uneven distribution of stresses, loads of light leaks).

I sketched it up in freecad, and saved it off as an STF file so it could be sent to any commercial 3d printing service. The only additional work needed was to sand down any rough bits, and drill/tap the top and bottom M5 holes. Once installed, collimation went rather well with the aid of a "milk bottle washer" mod for the secondary. The whole thing now looks/feels a lot more robust, and a million times better than the original mounting method.... which in fact was too low for the custom M55 adaptor I had made up. But now its all at a better height, its works perfectly :)

Unusually, Ive taken the step of making the drawtube longer - since the steeltrack tube is quite short, but luckily it has an M60 thread at the other end so I was able to screw on a 20mm (flocked) extension ring.

I'd say the 200pds has been harder to fettle than the 130pds was, probably down to its size (bigger scope, bigger problems!).










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