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Walking on the Moon

Comet C/2015 V2 Johnson (May.2,2017)

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Comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) imaged on May 2nd 2017, aside from the tail of dust grains that remains to northwest, the comet has a ionic tail more narrower and fainter which departs from coma toward southwest (to bottom right), although is barely visible in this image. The bright red star is "2 Herculis" with 5.4 magnitude.

GSO 8" f/3.7 & Atik 383L+ (L:5×240s Bin1 + RGB:1x90s Bin2) from Vallés, Valencia (Spain)

Post: http://cometografia.es/2015-v2-johnson-20170502/

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That's a very nice shot....also interesting to see the green coming through so strongly there. I was slightly dubious when I imaged this a couple of weeks ago and saw a large amount of green come through in the RGB integration, though when I combined with the luminescence channel this seemed to drop off. I'm no big expert on comets, but I take it this is a "real" colour?

I'm determined to have another go myself and devote more time to the RGB channels in the hope of capturing a better colour image.

I have to say also that comet imaging may grow on me, there's something rather nice about imaging an object that may only ever appear to us once.


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Have to be careful at combine RGB and L, or get more chrominance (hard for comets in movement) or boost saturation of RGB before add to luminance.

Is true Steve, comets are very very interesting: always changing, always new appearing, each diferent...

Thanks all ;)

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