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Jupiter in LRGB & RGB 23.5.2017

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Not been the best of times imaging Jupiter, but here is a couple from the last day of May. I cannot remember the last time I was out under good seeing conditions.

These were both captured during "daylight" hours just after sunset. The 1st is LRGB 10.5 minutes, the 2nd  is RGB 7.5mins. Both derotated in Winjupos.

The usual set up C9.25/Asi120mm.

593869d8d0c7f_2017_05_2320.42LRGB10.5mins.png.e927ac3239950a7343598b38995cea99.png 593869d9959d9_2017_05_2320.48RGB7.5mins.png.dcaaec0bc439e250f84c807fa09d15f2.png

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4 hours ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Nice images. The first one is a touch sharper, I feel.

Also: Congrats on that second place in the first SGL imaging challenge

Thank you very much Michael, it was my best image so far!

The LRGB images definitely show more detail than the RGB images. How much of that is down to the extended time I am not sure. Not had any really good conditions for ages though.

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