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Is anyone here meteor-watching with SDRs ?

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is anyone here meteor-watching using Software Defined Radios ?

I read that, on average, only 84K meteors that weigh over 10g enter our atmosphere each year, but watching my favourite UK monitoring site, there's been 100s every hour for a while now.

If it was 100 on average per hour for a year that would be about ten times the quoted figure above (http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/about-us/75-our-solar-system/comets-meteors-and-asteroids/meteorites/313-how-many-meteorites-hit-earth-each-year-intermediate)

I see that their frequency also depends on various other factors, but the American Meteor Society reports an increasing number over the past decade (http://www.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_fireball_stats/).

I suppose there are also a growing number of monitoring stations so there are more reports.

I bought an SDR but have yet to build the right sort of aerial for meteor-detection (as well as mount it without complaints from neighbours!).

Anyone else been doing any of this ?


Cheers, Gary.

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Hi Gary,

There's a lot you can delve into here for starters-

Radio detection will identify many more meteorids than visually hence the large numbers you have been monitoring. Detection numbers do depend on equipment and there's little standardisation about :-0

Good luck with this avenue of our hobby, it has the distinct advantage of working 24/7 for almost 365 days a year, except when GRAVES is being overhauled. The clouds need never stop your enjoyment again.



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