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How to use a tilt adjuster ?


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I have been thinking what is the best way to use a tilt adjuster ?

I have a CCD with filterwheel on my refractor which is on a pier. So I am thinking of pointing the scope straight up, selecting a Luminance filter and taking say a 10 second (unguided) sub. It would be this sub I would inspect for any tilt in the corners, before trying any corrections ?

Does that seem like a fair test ?



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Why unguided? While the mount should manage ten seconds without trailing you really want all the abnormalities you see to come from any tilt. A little PE trailing would only confuse the issue.

If you have CCD inspector it might make identifying the tilt easier, perhaps.


Edit: I wouldn't have a fixed preconception of exposure time either. I'd start at 10 secs but modify that in the light of the stars in the field. Small stars show elongation far more clearly than brighter ones.

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Thanks Olly,

I guess my thought process was that guiding would add another factor in to the equation, but the more I think about it perhaps I should use guiding as you suggest - I will give it a try. I do have CCD inspector, and it is a big help, but I need to read the manual more as it does need to be used correctly to get the best results.


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