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Sun - Full disc - Ha - 4th June


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12 hours ago, Davey-T said:

Nicely done Rob a productive couple of hours, there's a bit of a funny area about the 2 Oclock position in the full size version, maybe a stacking artefact ?


You're right Davey, that's what you get for batch processing rather than doing each panel individually (note to self - take your time!)

Not too happy with the banding that appeared after the auto stitching either which I have since managed to fix with a median filter.

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Nice images, despite the banding... looks great  on my phone zooming in while not losing details!   I am looking forward to full size scale on computer monitor. 


I had a humorous batch processing issue myself yesterday. Embarassing. 

Finally got to imaging again the past weekend  after a few month break because of life events. (Images to follow in New post soon) 

Tried batch processing in AS!3 and spent hours clicking the same button, analysis didn't noticed the same video popping up over and over. Not sure how long I wasted. Maybe an hour or so clicking analysis when I should have been pressing align points because the batch was ready for the next step. 


Then I realized my mistake and canceled AS!3. Started over single avi.


So basically wasted the entire good day lol. 

Edited by Tyson M
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