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Dragon Resupply Mission (CRS-11) video showing couse correction thruster

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This was facinating to watch last night it's the Dragon Resupply Mission (CRS-11) passing over Oxfordshire 22 minutes after launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Florida. The two light in the middle are the Dragon capsule and the second stage, the two lights on either side are the discarded protective fairings tumbling away from the craft. Look for a thruster correction burst at 1min 12sec.


Close up slowed down clip of the thruster part.


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I saw a twitter feed giving the estimated time it would pass over the UK, I  was with Astro friends and we scanned the partly cloudy sky.  Not sure what we were looking for! Twice we thought we had possibly seen it then on the third time we saw something I rushed in for the binoculars. Through the bins it looked like a glider with longer wings, lit up on each end ( solar panels) it passed over I'd say lower than the height of what the ISS would. We all got a chance to see it before it disappeared into the clouds.Later our sighting was confirmed by a video put on twitter by Will Gater. Thanks Will!

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Excellent ! :icon_biggrin:

I watched that one launch from the Kennedy Space Centre - great sight plus 2 loud sonic booms when the lower stage returned to land a short while after launch :icon_biggrin:

My 1st launch in 8 visits to the area !

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