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Walking on the Moon

3.06 HA plus Whilte Light various


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Shot through increasing "Cirrus" so decided to economise on space! :)


Less good BARLOW "experiment" with ED66, DS CaK + Wedge. 
The AS!2 quality plots were barely crawling above 50% mostly!
But showing *some* promise for better (seeing) days maybe? ;)


With THAT in mind have ND 3.8 Baader Film on MAK150 hoping
that "brute force" *aperture* will yield something interesting? :p

Up Early today! But already it's beginning to cloud over a bit...

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8 hours ago, Davey-T said:

Nicely done Chris, you obviously need a Ca-K module :grin:

NICE idea, but I'd probably "need" an accompanying 4-5" APO... ;)

But managed to crank up the MAK150 (stopped down to 120mm).
Quickly discovered (DS) CaK filter gave huge internal reflections. :o 
But then it worked reasonably well with the Solar Continue filter:


And now coloured continuum GREEN! (Hey, it's a small green CAT, right?) :D


(Over) processing courtesy of ImPPG this time! But I'd like to think these are
probably my "infamous" Granules THIS time round? :p

Shame about the MAK + CaK, but I have had problems with mirror scopes +
Baader *mirrored* filters before! Doubtless depends on "spacing of things"...
Might even try my (first scope) ST102! Have sufficient ND3.8 for 4" WL filter.
Hey, ISTR the achromat performed rather well with monochromatic light? :)

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