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Jupiter and 23 Geostationary Satellites

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Here's my entry for the satellite challenge, it was taken on the 21st March (equinox) which is when geostationary satellites tend to reflect most light back to us. I noticed that Jupiter was very close in alignment to their orbit so thought I'd see if I could get some in the same field of view. I was using a 200mm Canon lens on my Sony A7s body and took a series of 5 second exposures @6400iso, the kit was all mounted on my Astrotrac, I used startrails program to combine 15 consecutive frames to make this image. If you zoom in on Jupiter you can also make out a couple of its moons.


Jupiter and 23 Geostationary satellites.jpg

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Very good! Indeed it is a very thought-provoking image - it's crowded up there.

But to be a pedantic wet blanket:

The theme for the second Challenge - April 2017 - is Jupiter!

Start Date: 1st April 2017
End Date: 30th June 2017


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3 hours ago, Stub Mandrel said:

Well pedanted!

I assumed it was for the Jupiter challenge, a worthy entry for the Satellite challenge!

I think it fits both challenges equally well :wink: 

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