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Member Contributed Observing lists (and links to others)

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Thanks Don. Great list, regardless. I recall reading an essay of yours in which you tried to develop a ranking of, shall we say, easiest/nicest DSOs to observe? And concluded I believe that there was no easy method

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By pure chance I stumbled across this brilliant collection of downloadable lists for SkySafari on their website. There’s enough here to keep most of us occupied for years. I’ve successfully added the Herschel 400 full list of the latest version of SkySafari Pro. 


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This is a brilliant thread, I didn't even know you could import observing lists to sky safari. It will certainly make my observing sessions much more fun, instead of me just aimlessly wandering around the night sky. This will give me a great incentive and work my way through some lists. 

Thank you to everyone who has uploaded these. 


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For planning purposes or when not using SS observing lists, I find this to be a quite useful site.  A nice feature is that you can set the faintest magnitude of objects when you generate a list, e.g. I usually set mag to 8 for open clusters at home.





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On 08/10/2020 at 13:14, kaelig said:

Here is my new skylist when I am embedded by my village lights (it is also available for light pollution place).

Do not hesitate to give your opinion about it.



Kaelig_urban_191_oct2020.csv 20.65 kB · 210 downloads Kaelig_urban_191_oct2020.skylist 42.17 kB · 211 downloads

The declination values are not J2000.0 - I haven't checked the RA values.

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Posted (edited)
On 03/06/2021 at 16:55, Tiny Clanger said:

Some months ago I mentioned to Jasonb that I was writing in a notebook a list of Moore Winter Marathon objects with a note of the page they appeared on in Turn Left at  Orion,  their Messier number and the  Caldwell catalogue number . He said being a computer guy, if he was doing it, and if he had time, he would make a database (or was it spreadsheet ? I still am fuzzy on which is what ... 🙂  )

Then , a week or so ago, while idly researching  eye pieces I can't  afford , I came across Don Pensack's very useful set of information here


and , ooh, what's this ?!  A beginner's list of 500 DSOs , which Mr Pensack says are ' the 500 best DSOs, as seen in a 4" refractor and 5" Maksutov in modestly dark skies over a couple of years.'


I can't resist a free list :evil4: , and recalling our earlier conversation mentioned the list to Jasonb as a possible base for adding Turn Left At Orion page numbers etc to. He was enthusiastic and had the tech skills and software to set things up,  I had some spare time to play at data entry clerk, and we have between us compiled into Don's excellent original 500 some extra information, with added columns for the MWM (Moore Winter Marathon) Caldwell list, Loughton List and page numbers for Turn Left at Orion .  There's also a column where we have noted if the object may be too low in the sky for us to see from Ireland/UK  An explanation of the original column meanings can be found here :


The file works on whatever (proper) software Jasonb uses, but also on my free  'Open Office' , so  everyone should be able to use it.

I can't guarantee our input is complete or error free ( I can now add data entry clerk to the giant list of jobs for which I would be severely unsuited ... ) but we thought it might be useful for other  folk , so after  checking with Don, and getting his OK, here it is :

Pensack 500 Version 1.3.ods 81.23 kB · 229 downloads

Thank you very much for this list - and also to the initial creator Don Pensack.

Even though I am living and observating in a bortle class 6 area with an entry levet 70 mm refractor so it is only a fraction of the list I can observe from home. 

But sometime me and the refractor both get out and look up under other skies 🥰

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spelling correction
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