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Member Contributed Observing lists (and links to others)

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Here's one, it's RASC finest NGC Summer list I downloaded from the sky safari yahoo group some time ago. It's in .sklist format so people should be able to open it in sky safari. RASC Finest NGC

As it says on the tin - this is a place to upload observing lists   Please give details of the content and the software if applicable, along with proper credit if not your list Enjoy! Helen

@Helen, Thanks for doing this. I have created several in SkyTools that I've shared with Susie since she found out how such lists can be shared between programs. I'm happy to share these with others to

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For a friend, I have worked for a skylist for the Rose Catalogue

You could load here: http://www.faintfuzzies.com/DownloadableObservingGuides2.html

pdf file: http://www.faintfuzzies.com/Files/RoseCatalogue v2.pdf

I copy the site description: " The Rose catalogue of compact galaxies - Dr James 1.Rose wrote a paper discussing a smal selection of 33 northern and 5 southern very compact galaxy groups for large telescopes. This list is considered to be a bit more challenging than the Hickson Galaxy Groups"

These objects are not referenced in planetarium, Hence I use SIMBAD query in order to locate the nearest object available in the planetarium. In the .txt file, I indicate the coordinate of the Rose object and the object selected in the skylist. I expect that someone could be interested by this list too.

The skylist file & its csv:




Kaelig_rose_catalog.skylist Kaelig_rose_catalog.csv Rose_catalogue.txt

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Hello everyboy, as you know, I am a french Astram for several 10 years. I have start Visual Assisted with Camera, this summer.

I work with an another colleague Ouki in order to share a maximum of skylist in french forum (because there is a very big lack).

So I have created a skylist library, do not hesitate to look for (language is french but the skylist are international):


Do not hesitate to write a comment on our forum when you visit us.

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@Armand Popa If you speak a little french language (There is a lot Romanian people that speak our language, it's amazing), you could join (english language is also available).

 Do not hesitate to download a maximum of our skylist, there are here for that. I am working for a flat galaxy based on the faintfuzzies.com documents.

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