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Calibration frames for planetary imaging with a CCD

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I'm new to planetary imaging and struggling with recording of calibration frames.

How do I take calibration frames (bias, dark and flat-field) with a monochrome CCD (DMK) used with a filter wheel, do I have to record a video in AVI- / SER-file format or just a single image (in which format)?


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Calibration frames are not normally used for planetary imaging, I certainly never use them.  Because of the small size of the sensor in planetary cameras vignetting is not normally an issue so flat frames have little benefit.   Plus due to the short exposure time dark frames are of little use.  Basically do bother with calibration frames for planetary imaging would be my advice.

However, flat frames can remove dust spots from a capture so it is best to never say never.

I am not sure whether Autostakkert! accepts calibration files directly, but PIPP will accept them if not.  For calibration frames, a short capture in the same format as your image capture would be the way to go.   I would also advise capturing all you data in SER format, but AVI will also work is you insist on using an ancient, over-complicated format.


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