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Astronomik Clear filter for EOS

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Astronomik MC glass for Full-Spectrum Modification of Canon EOS DSLRs

Special glass for the retrofitting of Canon® EOS DSLR cameras in order to achieve the full spectral sensitivity of the CMOS sensor.

The Astronomik MC clear glass is a precision optically polished and multicoated special glass.

MC glass is mainly used to compensate the optical path of the removed original filter of the camera. Furthermore, it prevents dust from falling directly on the sensor, which may cause image defects.

The MC has no filter effect. It is blocking neither infrared nor ultraviolet light. The transmission is typically higher than 99.7%.

Price: £55 shipping included

Ships from France. On eBay too but rather sell here.





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Its only 58 pounds new (in the UK at any rate). See modern astronomy. 

£35 + shipping might be more like it. Depending on the shipping cost that is. 

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