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Saturn and Titan through 4.5" reflector 28/5/2017

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Hello all, I was out imaging Saturn tonight and I decided to see if I can get a snap of its largest moon Titan, it worked out OK in my opinion, but its good considering the size of my telescope. The exposure used was 1/0.500, the camera was a Neximage Burst and the telescope was a Celestron 114 LCM 4.5" reflector.

Please tell me what you think!

Thanks and clear skies!


saturn6 pro.jpg

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A very good image. I'd keep at it and see about, perhaps, less exposure? I'm not certain how to change the intensity so more contrast and less brilliance on Saturn. Titan looks very good indeed! It's one of my favorite Moons.

Perhaps you could ask the Grand Master for any tips, ideas, filters, etc? He's on a 'Saturn & Titan' kick now, too - scroll up on the reply in the below thread -



I'll be looking foreward to more by you - please do proceed!


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