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Looking for a specific shim on the internet - no luck !


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I am looking for a shim/washer. The key is it needs to have an internal diameter of 2 inches. The external diameter is less important, but 5mm or less would be ideal. Width would be 1mm or thereabouts. Probably need a few for my project.

Anyone know anywhere that would have somethings like this. Should mention plastic or metal would be fine.





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I had a guy make me some laser cut stainless steel shims for brake calipers out of 1mm stainless steel, very reasonable price, hardly any more than the price of the material.


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If memory is not making it all up - didn't FLO cut Bahtinoff masks from black plastic sheets? Define aperture diameter and f ratio and that gives a mask and I thnk they had a laser cutter (like a 3D printer) that cut the mask. Just thinking if so then there must be others (engineering places) that have a similar setup.

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Try an Automotive Electrical Repairs workshop, and ask if they have the shims that are used in the Clutches 
on manually  engaged  M45G Lucas Starter motors. I'm almost sure they would do, and they are of varying thickness
to facilitate Clutch plate  adjustment. 

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There is a firm near Wigan  called Leigh Bearings.   It appears on the internet as        Simply Bearings   .

If you click on their site        Engineering Parts       then       Spring Steel  Thrust Washers     you find loads to choose from.      50mmm and 55mm i.d. are the closest to 2"  .

I have bought bearings from them over the internet a few time and they are reasonably priced and very fast with their deliveries.

Even if you are already sorted,  it is well worth having a look around their site if you cobble up your own equipment and gadgets as I do.

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