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Hi Guys

Need a bit of help went out last night and did a two star alignment, centred first star then the second star and got "Alignment Successful " , then came up with Mel and Maz settings, I pressed the enter button and came up with " Applying previous CE settings" and went back to the 2 star alignment menu I did this three times. I then carried on viewing mostly with all stars within the FOV but having to centre the object all the time, not used my scope much lately as put a home built pier in my garden.


Any help much appreciated


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To help all the excellent people here it would be helpful to know what scope/EP you are using.

BTW to consistently get the target in the FOV I would rate as successful.

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When it goes back to "2 Star Allignment" I think you then need to press the down arrow twice so it gives you the "Polar Alignment" option, which you select. You then choose a star to do the alignment on it will slew to the star, or just off it, depending on which error it wants you to correct first, you then adjust the knobs to centre the star, then you do the same with the other setting.

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