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the Prom lift off in images 26-5-17 11.00


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heres my first attempt at a prom lift off, images have just been staxed.

please feel free to use these and adjust as ive flu and havnt the head for processing today.

thanks for looking , charl.









ive still more to stax, ill update in a bit




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Solar dynamics !!!    What time frame are we talking between frames Charl ??

Create one of those GIF things to animate it.    This is really quite spectacular.  Well done.



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thanks Sean about 2 min, I wasn't timing just when I could see the slightest change mate, my tracking was out as I had to get the mount neara the window because it was fast moving outa range and the window frame was coming it to frame. charl

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thanks Dave, ive had a ruff night with this darn flu, I only just caught it mate, I was watching hoping it would lift then as it did I got the window frame in view, so had to highten one of the tripod legs to get me range , which through the tracking out, but over all quite pleased with the shots seeing it was chaos.. charl.

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