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A different View of the Comet Johnson C2015 V2

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I don't usually post too many images. But I've been having quite a bit of fun with my runs on this comet.

I found a free GIF file generator site and it has given me pause to try my hand at some oddities.


I've been working on inputting the RA and DEC settings directly in Stellarium and pleased with the results.



Then I had reason to really do an acid test one night with a meridian flip. I was at the crossing of the Meridian, but my pillow was calling me. So I forced the flip by making the mount Go-To home position, then slew back to C2015 V2. I reopened PHD2 and got it started again.

Once it was running on guiding, I began the Sequence in my camera program for 25 images 600 seconds each, and went to bed. Sweet Dreams!

I figured I could delete any images too horrid anyway. I was pleased with the mount and Stellarium's targeting, and with PHD2's guiding. I think the flashes are from cars behind me over my fence. But since I'm a Post Processing minimalist, I left them run.


And finally, a bit of fun...


I made a comical post here and a friend made a fun comment about wagging my Johnson.

So I posted a proper wag for him.  :wink::hello:

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That's really quite cool, nice job!

I spent a few days last week imaging Johnson, in fact the first comet I've tried. In terms of processing the images I'm finding Pixinsight quite..."challenging" having taken LRGB subs. It seems that processing comet images is slightly more involved than I thought:hmh:


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Thank You, Steve!

I'm a Post Processing Minimalist.  :wink2: About all I do is to export the fit files my CCD camera takes into JPEG's (:shocked:), then denoise (noise filter) in Photo Shop.

My CCD has a case of the 'Rainbow Sprinkles', so the noise filter turns them into tiny white specks. WA-La, more stars! :alien:

My camera program (Orion Camera Studio) has a sequence mode I've learned to like a lot. I can set it up and it captures the images, saves them to a folder, and does it wholly unattended. (I sleep)

Some might say it's 'cheating', but to me it isn't as much cheating as manufacturing an image.

Take a look at that GIF maker site. It's a lot of fun.

I got kind of hung up on this comet. So last night I decided to image my nemesis, the Dumbbell Nebula.  It was one of my early objects, and I felt the name fit me. :rolleyes: But C/2015 V2 is coming to its nearest point, so a prime target to play for.

Best of luck to Ya!

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